Down Under in Oz

By Randy Bancroft

This is chapter 14 of my metric system history and my Patreon experiment. If you like this work please visit my Patreon page and contribute.

The entire book may be downloaded with this link:

Death By 1000 Cuts Full Monograph 2020-06-05

If you like this work, please go to my Patreon page and contribute

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Metric Cookbook Version 2.02

As many of us have more time to cook these days than normal, and Alton Brown suggests we learn metric cooking during this time, I have updated my very abridged metric cookbook.  Version 2.02 may be found here, or on the metric cookbook tab of my webpage. Note that Alton still needs to use milliliters (mL) in place of 1/2 teaspoons to be really metric. Feel free to let him know, if you can find a way to contact him, I haven’t. 

I suggest the pancakes, banana bread, chicken salad, and Metric Maven Chili recipes.

Stay well.


The Metric Maven