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It is my intention to publish a new metric blog on the 10th of each month.  I will also produce bulldog editions on the 20th and 30th of each month when possible. Should an important metric issue arise anytime, I will create bulldog editions to address them.

The Metric Maven is a thinly veiled pseudonym for a practicing US Engineer who finds the lack of metric usage in the US to be a negative force which stunts the effectiveness of technicians, engineers, and scientists throughout America. Beyond that, it costs each American about $16 per day to cling to the current weights and measures.

This blog will do its best to provide practical examples of how the imperial mess of units in the US decreases our shared numeracy, creativity, and productivity. It will also comment on current issues which involve metrication—or lack of in the US.

You can contact me at maven@themetricmaven.com

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  1. A very good idea, I dont think it will take to much to get the blog going.

    • Dear All,Congratulations to the writers of Kids don’t count’. It is a gem that I will refer to often. It devreses a wider audience.A letter that I collected this some years ago – author unknown – might be relevant in this context.##Dear Editor,I am 40. I have never been taught Imperial measures in school and yet I am surrounded by people who talk about inches, pints, miles and ounces. I find it quite obscene that I have to learn about measures that were declared moribund before I could walk.Why did the government listen to the old stick-in-the-muds? It didn’t happen with decimal currency because it couldn’t. Talk to a twenty year old about shillings and he will think you are talking about Austria, before the Euro. This is how it should be. The past is a different country, we have moved on. But why did we allow some conservative old fogeys to keep on talking about their miles, pints, ounces, stones, feet and Fahrenheit? We should have buried these things in the 1960s when we left the shillings and 240 pence in the pound nonsense.Tens, hundreds and thousands. So easy to calculate. So much easier than twelve pennies in a shilling, twenty shillings in a pound, sixteen ounces in a pound, fourteen pounds in a stone. Not to mention gills, chains, rods, poles, fathoms, bushels and firkins.A cube 100 millimetres by 100 millimetres by 100 millimetres defines a volume of one litre, if you fill it with water it has a mass of one kilogram. If you raise the temperature to 100 degrees the water boils. Cool it to zero degrees and it freezes. This is simple, this is elegant, and this is beautiful.The oldies say: Don’t talk to me about them kilo-whatsit things laddie I think in inches’.But, the oldies are trying to force me to think in old measures too — despite the fact that all the old measures were scheduled for replacement four years before I started primary school.It is time we buried the imperial system. The only way do do it is to be draconian about it. Do not allow people to ask for, demand or even talk about imperial measures.If you don’t draw the line like that, the old fogeys will force it down our necks for ever more. Why must my children, and probably theirs as well as our grandchildren and great grandchildren, have to learn about pounds and inches just because some older people will not make a little effort?Name and address supplied##Cheers,Pat NaughtinGeelong, Australia

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