Metric Cookbook

The Metric Maven has noted that when it comes to cookbooks, the United States is a metric desert. There appears to be little guidance offered for metric cooking. I have prepared a small cookbook in PDF for anyone to download. The link is:

Metric Cook Book 2020-06-01

It will hopefully act as a guide for using metric in the kitchen. It explains the difference between current practice in the US, which uses volume and offers the better alternative that is used by most of the best chefs which is by mass (weight). The use of a thermometer is essential in producing consistently cooked food and is also addressed. How one may compute the number of grams per 100 Calories or 100 Kilocalories is described. This may be easily computed from any US nutritional label. Here is an abbreviated table presented in the cookbook:

This is a very useful way to keep track of Calories or Kilojoules and also see the relative energy density of different foods.

It is an abbreviated cookbook with common recipes, but should get one started with metric cooking. One may printout the PDF file double sided and staple the edge to create a physical cookbook as shown:

I have compromised by placing Fahrenheit temperatures in parenthesis next to the Celsius values. This is a serious breach of Naughtin’s Laws, but with so few households in the US with ovens that read Celsius, I compromised. Grams (g), millimeters (mm) and milliliters (mL) are used exclusively. I have also put volume measurements in parenthesis next to the mass values for those who have not yet purchased a scale.